Facing the Music

Facing the music

By Abu Shaheer

The arena was looking as special as the event!

Very well decorated venue, neat and clean atmosphere, pleasant weather, bright lights, wonderful outfits, glittering eyes, smiles on the faces, gossips and cheers, sharing of gifts and wishes, delicious meal along with scrumptious dessert; almost everything was present that could be required for the first celebration of the first child…! Could have been a wonderful event… Could have been!

Everything was going fine until a group of monkeys had jumped into the fair! They were only five or six, including a female, yet they were enough to spoil the whole impression. The group was so-called a “musical band” or “singers”; though they were the antonyms.

The “clowns” ruined the peace of the environment by making a hell of a noise.  They had no idea about what to sing and how to sing? They were so stupid that they didn’t even know that they were performing in a party; and not in a “live concert”. They had to perform like play back singers; however they behaved like anchors. They became the captors while the guests, their hostages. They were enjoying their activities as they were behind the echo chambers while the guests (at least six of them) were “unjoying” as they were in front of the echo chambers. They were “rented” for entertaining the guests and they were literally “abusing” them.

No way to escape… The guests had to “face the music!”

Moral: Adding a little more spice/salt could spoil the whole recipe.


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