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Hajj Guidance… Step by Step

O The Honorable Guest of ALLAH!


Hope you will be in the best states of Iman and health; and anxiously waiting for the day of your departure to the Holy Cities which is now very near. May Allah Almighty accept this struggle from you and from all the HAJIs in flying colors and bless you with whatever HE Almighty has promised; both in this world and hereafter. Aameen.

I wish to share some tips regarding HAJJ as per my experiences. I hope you may find these tips very useful regarding your HOLY trip.


  • Check your intentions first. Your intentions must be pure and for seeking Allah’s happiness.
  • According to the FATAWA of numerous renowned Muslim Scholars (ULAMA) there are certain organizations such as banks, insurance companies, etc, working with which earns you false money. Hajj must be done with pure (HALAL) funds, for Hajj done with forbidden (HARAAM) funds is haraam and is not permitted. Some of the scholars said that HAJJ is not valid in this case, and one of them even said:

“If you have done Hajj with money whose source is HARAAM, you have not done Hajj but your camel has.” May Allah guide us the right path.

  • Remember! Performing HAJJ is another thing and taking it to your grave is another thing. We know in the light of the teachings of the Holy Prophet Sallallah-o-Alaih-e-Wasallam that Hajj-e-Mabroor (Accepted Hajj) means all your Sins have been forgiven by Almighty Allah, and thus you surely become eligible for JANNAH. Ulama say that if a person looks changed (noble) after Hajj, it means his Hajj is accepted. So, be desperate to change yourself before going to HAJJ. Start staying away from the SINS, EVILS and bad habits. After Hajj, it would be difficult for any person to change himself altogether.
  • Try your best to learn and seek knowledge about Manasik-e-Hajj & Umrah. Remember! You are going to spend a huge capital (more or less 3 lac rupees) on HAJJ trip. It’s a sort of investment. So your target must be to earn maximum profits/rewards from this investment. Think! If you have to invest this capital in a business, how much will you stretch to seek knowledge about that particular business? Or simply imagine if you have to buy a car for 3,00,000/- rupees, how much will you ask the people before buying that particular car?

Hajj is the journey of a lifetime. It has become very expensive as well. Don’t take it lightly/casually or else you will simply spoil a huge capital as well as your dream trip. (May you not!) Remember the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaih-e-Wasallam which means that there are so many people who earn nothing but hunger and thirst while keeping a fast; and there are so many people who earn nothing but fatigue while praying through the whole night. So brother! Are you going to earn only fatigue and dust? I am sure you are not. So learn the Manasik and FAQ’s of Hajj as much as you can. Learn like a student, and try to gather as much knowledge as you can, remember it, so that you may deliver it like a teacher in future.

Pray as much as you can before going to Hajj. See the following prayers.

O Allah! Please forgive me

O Allah! Please help and guide me in learning the Manasik-e-Hajj.

O Allah! Please accept this effort from me.

O Allah! Please make things easier for me.

O Allah! Please bless me with noble companions/room-mates during the whole journey.


-Ihram (2 pairs)

-Ihram Belt

-Slippers/Chappal (2 pairs)

-Hajj/Umrah Guide Book

-Dresses (5 pairs)


-Cotton/Leather socks


-Under garments

-Spectacles (2 pieces)


-Medicines (That you may use regularly)

-Other General Medicines you may need during the Holy trip. For example, medicines for pain, fever, stomach problems, cough and throat problems, etc.)




-Air Ticket

-Photocopies of Passport/Ticket/National ID Card etc. (2 sets)

-Extra attested Photographs



-Steel/Plastic Plate

-Steel Spoon/Fork


-Ceramic/Plastic Cup or Mug



-Ball Point

-Note Book

-Carton Packing Tape

-Permanent Bold Marker

-Telephone Directory (note your family’s/relatives’/other important contact numbers)



-Soap (Both normal and fragrance free)



-Tooth Brush

-Tooth Paste




-Nail cutter




-Comb/Hair Brush

-Jhanwa (Foot File)

-Wet Tissues/Wipes




-Shoulder bag (It will be used as a hand carry in the aircraft and during Hajj 5 days.)

-Small Shoulder bag/Hand bag (To put things like Passport, Ticket, Pocket Quran, Mobile Phone, Spectacles, medicines and things that you may have to keep anytime with you.)

-Water Bottle (Like the one that school going children use)

-Bed Sheet

-Rope (10 Meters)

-Rope clips

-Large Safety Pins

-Tissue Paper Roll (2 Pieces)

-Jaey Namaz (Velveteen)

-Topi (Cap for Namaz)

-Tasbih (Beads)

-Pocket Quran


-Thread and needle

-Petroleum jelly (fragrance free)

-Cold Cream


-Sweater/Warm Shawl for cold weather

-Water Spray Bottle (It may be used to stay fresh in extreme heat. It may also be used for making wudu).


-Electric Kettle

-Tea bags

-Sugar or Sweetener

-Everyday Tea Whitener/Dry Milk

(Yes! You may buy tea from a tea shop, but it may cost a lot of time and fatigue).



-Mobile Phone


-Extra Battery or Power Bank

-Iron (Istri)

-Extension Wire (10 Meters. It will be helpful in charging up your mobile phones and other purposes)

-Multi Socket Plug


MONEY: In my opinion, you must have 1500-2000 Saudi Riyals. (You will need around 500 SR for Qurbani/slaughter, 100-200 SR may be consumed in phone calls, at least 20 SR for daily expenses/meals… 40 day stay means 800 SR, and money for other unknown/unexpected/accidental expenses).


Sanitary Napkins

Menses stopping pills as per doctor’s advice

Canvas shoes

Black Abaya/Coat (Saudi govt. has made it compulsory for every female pilgrim)

Where to buy these things?

(In Karachi, one of the best places from where you can get all/most of the things listed above is the shop situated in front of Alamgir Masjid, Bahadurabad, Karachi.­­ Rates are also economical. Haji camp, near PIDC House is the other place.)

  • You must have purchased AHRAM. If not, purchase it as soon as possible. Towel Ahram is better. Take care while purchasing the Ahram. The material should be THICK enough through which your body should not be seen in bright light. Similarly females SHOULD NOT WEAR such dresses (thin fabric or body-fitted dresses) through which their body parts become exposed.

Try to learn HOW TO WEAR AHRAM and must do some practice of wearing AHRAM before leaving. One or two days before your departure, try to spend sometime while wearing AHRAM in order to get used to of it.

  • Remember! You have to walk a lot during the HOLY TRIP. You have to offer TAWAF and SA’EE while performing UMRAH. One Umrah means you have to walk nearly 10 kilometers (from your residence to HARAM, inside HARAM, Offering TAWAF & SA’EE and then back to your residence). Besides UMRAH, you would surely like to offer Daily 5 times PRAYERS (SALAT) and NAFL TAWAF(s). Similarly in MADINA MUNAWARAH, you will have to walk a lot to offer Daily PRAYERS inside MASJID-e-NABWI.  Therefore, try to develop the habit of walking, as much as you can, before going for HAJJ.
  • Old HAJIs are highly advised to go for HAJJ with some younger attendants. HAJJ involves a lot of fatigue and aged people are almost unable to perform the MANASIK properly and/or timely.
  • It is better to take your Mobile phone (with charger and an extra battery) with you and purchase a SIM there. That will be very beneficial for you as well as your HAJJ companions and families to contact each other. Call charges are cheaper from Pakistan than those from Saudi Arabia. So it is better that your family contact you from here rather than you contact them. SMS is even cheaper. Nowadays some mobile services are offering very competitive call rates from Saudia to Pakistan. Similarly, some Mobile Phone Services in Pakistan also offer some competitive call packages and very economical SMS Bucket packages.

Caution: You may find difficulty while forwarding SMS.

  • Make at least two extra Photo copies of your passport, tickets and all documents and place one of them in your hand bag and the other in your luggage. In case you miss the original documents, you must have photocopies of your traveling documents in order to avoid any problems.


  • Check your things and make sure you have taken all the items which you may require during a 40-day stay in Saudi Arabia. (See the list of items above).
  • Pay some charity (Sadqa) and pray Allah for make things easier for you.
  • Remember! Things like scissors, blades, knife, fork, nail cutter, and such other things should not be kept in your hand carry. The airport authorities will not allow anybody to take things like mentioned above with him inside the aircraft. However, you may keep these things in your luggage/suitcase.
  • It is advised to wear AHRAM from your home. But, do not make the INTENTION (NIYAT) of HAJJ/UMRAH before the take-off of the air-craft in case there would be a delay/cancellation of your flight and you have to wait for long before getting another flight. Once you have made the INTENTION (NIYAT) of HAJJ/UMRAH while wearing AHRAM, you bound yourself to obey the restrictions of AHRAM, and you can/will not come out of the STATE OF AHRAM before offering UMRAH/HAJJ and HAIRCUT after that, otherwise you have to pay the penalty (DAM).

However, make your INTENTION as soon as your aircraft takes off; in case you may sleep and cross the MEEQAT without being in the state of AHRAM; for which you have to pay the panelty (DAM). Once you make the INTENTION of HAJJ/UMRAH, start reciting TALBIYAH (Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik….). Now you are in STATE OF AHRAM. Remember the restrictions of AHRAM (written in Hajj/Umrah books) and follow them.

  • You must know that after leaving your home in Pakistan, you will reach your destination in MAKKAH MUKARRAMAH in more or less 15 hours. See the details below:

-The airline advices you to reach the airport at least 4 hours before your flight time.

-Flight duration for PIA or Saudi Airlines is aprox. 4 hours. (In case of a connected flight, it will take some more time.)

-Immigration process at Jeddah Hajj Terminal may take 3 to 4 hours.

-You will be sent to the Pakistan Camp at Jeddah Hajj Terminal after immigration where it may take an hour or two before you get the bus for MAKKAH MUKARRAMAH.

-Travel time from Jeddah to MAKKAH is aprox. 2 hours.

You are wise enough to understand how tiring the whole process would be; and if you have a late night or early morning flight, you may have to compromise on your night sleep which will add the sufferings. Moreover, majority of your relatives come on the last day (the day of your departure) to meet you. The whole day is also tiring due to a lot of hospitality.

In short, you would be extremely tired and exhausted when you reach your destination in MAKKAH MUKARRAMAH.

  • Remember and keep in mind the lesson of the Battle of UHAD! Follow your Master. Saudi Hajj Authorities are your master. Always follow their instructions. Never violate them otherwise you will definitely suffer; you will create problems not only for yourself but also for others; you may be the culprit for disturbing the whole HAJJ MOVEMENT.


  • As it is mentioned above that it will take a lot of time for immigration process. So be patient and try to enjoy the proceedings. Must follow the instructions given by the immigration/airport authorities at JEDDAH AIRPORT.
  • After immigration, you will be sent to the Pakistan Camp at Jeddah Airport. From there, you will be sent to Makkah Mukarramah by bus. Before sitting inside the bus, make sure that your luggage is loaded on the same bus on which you are going to travel. Be extremely careful and never compromise on this; otherwise you may lose your things and will definitely suffer.
  • In the washrooms at Jeddah Airport, rubber pipes are attached with the taps for washing. The pressure of water is very high. ALWAYS TURN ON THE TAP VERY SLOWLY AND ADJUST THE PRESSURE OF WATER OTHERWISE YOU AND YOUR DRESS MAY GET WET/IMPURE. It is also better to wash the floor of the washroom before using it.


  • After reaching your residence in MAKKAH MUKARRAMAH, stay there for a while in your room and let the things settled down.
  • It is highly advised to take some rest before going to MASJID-ul-HARAAM for UMRAH. However, the reality is that the HOLY KAABAH has attracted the HAJIS from thousands of miles; and when the HAJIS reach MAKKAH, the magnetism increases such a great deal that one could hardly stay in his room even for a single minute. Still I recommend some rest before you leave for UMRAH. (You must know and consider that you have to walk a lot during the UMRAH exercise and that too barefoot; and you would be already tired. The whole walk includes from your residence, during Umrah, and way back to your residence may be equivalent to 8-10 kilometers).
  • Before getting out of your residence for the first time, must obtain the address of your residence (or visiting card) from the reception. When you come out of your building, have a look around and mark the key places near/around your building. Remember! You are not a native of this city; all the things are new for you and you may lose your path while returning from the HOLY HARAM after UMRAH.


  • While entering the MASJID-ul-HARAAM, note down or memorize the gate number.
  • Pick your shoes and put them in one of the shoe racks inside the MASJID-ul-HARAAM. Note down or memorize the shoe-rack’s number.
  • Plz Plz Plz MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE SWITCHED OFF YOUR MOBILE OR TURNED IT TO THE SILENT MODE WHEN YOU ARE INSIDE THE MASJID-ul-HARAAM. May you not hear the melodious ring tones (and even the songs) of the mobiles and may you not see people talking on their mobiles inside the MASJID-ul-HARAAM even during TAWAF, which is unfortunately a very common sight these days.
  • Once again think about and revise your supplications in mind before having the first sight at BAITULLAH SHARIF.


  • Say Takbeer, Tahleel, Tahmeed and Tasbih or simply recite 3rd or 4th KALMAH. Then recite DURUD SHARIF. Then start your supplications. Ask for this world and the life hereafter. Especially, seek ALLAH’s help for offering your MANASIK-e-HAJJ timely and easily. Also pray for ALLAH’s help and guidance for the KHUDDAM-ul-HUJJAJ (authorities, workers and volunteers of the Saudi Ministry of HAJJ) in organizing a successful HAJJ MOVEMENT.
  • Before starting UMRAH, hold the hand-out “UMRAH step-by-step” in your hands and follow the steps.
  • Remember! You may miss your companion(s) during TAWAF either because of big crowd, or because of the starting of the congregation prayers during which women are being sent back inside the MASJID, or any other reason(s).

Keeping in mind these possible situations, it is better to have a talk with your wife/family/companions before starting the TAWAF. Mark a key place inside the MATAF and tell everyone, “In case we miss each other during TAWAF, we will meet at this place after completing the TAWAF.”

  • Similarly, before starting SAEE, have a talk with your wife/family/companions. Mark a key place inside the path of SAEE and tell everyone, “In case we miss each other during SAEE, we will meet at this place after completing the SAEE.”

Remember! Men have to run between the two green pillars on the path of SAEE. If you are doing SAEE with a female companion, choose the extreme right or left side of the track and slow down after completing the run between the two green pillars so that your companion may re-join you.

  • After completing the SAEE, go back to the same gate from which you had entered the MASJID-ul-HARAAM. It will help you to find your shoes as well as the exact path towards your residence.
  • Hairdressing saloons exist everywhere around the HOLY HARAM. You may go to a hairdresser near your residence and have a haircut.
  • It is also reported that many HAJIS contact their relatives from the MASJID-ul-HARAAM and say: “I am standing in front of KAABAH. Ask Allah whatever you want.” This is a very silly act and BID’At. MAY ALLAH ALMIGHTY GUIDE US ALL.
  • Try as much as you can to facilitate the other Hajis regardless of nationality or relation. THE BEST ACT BESIDES PERFORMING MANASIK-E-HAJJ IS TO FACILITATE/HELP THE HAJIs. Your companions (even if that is your wife) are also HAJIS. Take care of them and try your best to facilitate them and earn lots of SAWAB.
  • You will be provided ZAMZAM water at your residence there. But in the crowded days, you may get lesser or even no ZAMZAM water at your residence. Try to fetch ZAMZAM water for your roommates as much as you can. You will need a CAN to take ZAMZAM water to Pakistan. So it is better to purchase it earlier and use it for KHIDMAT.


  • Remember! You are going for Hajj. So, take extra care of your health; especially before HAJJ. People used to do lots of TAWAF and UMRAHS; and in the end, get exhausted or sick; and then find immense difficulties to perform Manasik-e-Hajj properly and timely. (Also keep in mind that one should not compromise quality on quantity while offering any sort of prayers e.g. Tawaf, Umrah, Nafl Salat, etc).
  • Remember! Despite all the facilities and ease, the exercise of HAJJ still involves a lot of fatigue. You have to walk a lot to offer the Manasik-e-Hajj. The weather is hot. The Places are over crowded, so you need a lot of stamina to move either. Therefore, it is highly advised to stop all undue activities at least three days before Hajj. If your residence in Makkah is far distant from the HOLY HARAM, it would be better for you to offer SALAT in a nearby MASJID. Anywhere INSIDE the boundaries of HARAM, every good deed is equivalent to 1,00,000 good deeds.


(NOTE: It’s totally my personal opinion. You may disagree with this.)

  • All the Ulama and Books advise Hajis to do as many TAWAF as possible. Spiritually, it seems a very good and true advice. But my dear Muslim Brother! Nowadays, the MASJID-ul-HARAAM in MAKKAH is over crowded. You may know, more than 25 lac people come to offer Hajj. And in the last week before Hajj, almost all the Hajis are there in Makkah.

Now try to understand a very critical situation (I hope u will.) The Hajis who have arrived in Makkah Mukarramah 30 or 20 days back, or the Hajis who first went to Madina Munawarah, all have come back to Makkah Mukarramah. They have had enough opportunity to do number of Nafli Tawafs and Nafli Umrahs… and they did so. But they still want more. On the other hand, thousands of Hajis who are arriving in the last days from Madina or rest of the world, have to perform their obligatory Umrah. They will find immense difficulties to perform the Manasik-e-Umrah especially Tawaf because of those who have already done enough but are still greedy.

The situation is quite similar after Hajj. You know, before leaving from Makkah Mukarramah, Tawaf-e-Wida is obligatory (WAJIB) for all Hajis. Now a large number of Hajis who had arrived earlier to Saudi Arabia, or who had come for a shorter Hajj trip (15-20 days haj trip) have to depart for Madina Munawwarah or to their homelands immediately (may be on the very next day) after Hajj. They have to perform their obligatory Tawaf-e-Wida.

Now again comes a critical situation. The Hajis, who will still have enough days to stay (more or less 20 days) in Makkah are greedy to perform Nafli Tawafs and Nafli Umrahs. Therefore, the Hajis who are going to depart earlier find a great deal of difficulty in offering the Tawaf-e-Wida.


An alternative is to go on the first floor or the roof of the Haram for Nafli TAWAF and leave MATAF for the other Muslims in order to facilitate them in their remaining obligations.

Note: As per my knowledge, the natives of MAKKAH used to avoid going to MASJID-ul-HARAAM during the HAJJ season in order to leave space for the GUESTS of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. It is simply a clear guideline for the HAJIS as well.

KISSING the Black Stone (Hajr-e-Aswad)

  • It is extremely difficult to kiss Hajr-e-Aswad (the black-stone) because of a huge crowd around it. If you want to kiss it easily, go to MASJID-ul-HARAAM far before ASR Prayers. Soon after the ASR AZAN, the guards move the crowd away from the Hajr-e-Aswad. Then a queue is formed from the corner or Hajr-e-Aswad alongside the wall of HOLY KAABAH. The persons standing in that queue are allowed to kiss the Hajr-e-Aswad one by one. The queue is quite long but the turn comes quite quickly. In this way, one can kiss the Hajr-e-Aswad very easily without any fatigue or difficulty.

Remember! Kissing the Hajr-e-Aswad is Sunnah, while bother a HAJI is forbidden (Haraam.)

  • Always keep your Hajj ID or Passport with you. Never go outside without it otherwise you may find problems. (May you not find any.) Many HAJIS used to go to Jeddah. From Muallim, an approval called Tasreeh is required to go there. But many HAJIS go without getting a tasreeh as well. It is better to get the Tasreeh if you wish to go to Jeddah, and Make Sure That You Have Your Hajj ID or Passport.


Once again check your intentions and make them pure. Again read the restrictions of AHRAM.

  • Pay some charity (Sadqa) and pray Allah to make things easier for you.
  • See the list of things you may need during 5 days of HAJJ. Don’t take any extra luggage/burdon. Most important things are an extra AHRAM, an extra pair of slippers, Miswak, HAJJ BOOK, general medicines, extra spectacles, sunglasses, a dress to wear after HAJJ, Mobile phone with charger/extra battery, odorless petroleum jelly, fragrance free soap, (warm shawl in winter season).
  • Nowadays, many HAJIS used to smoke (cigarette) while in the state of AHRAM. This is strictly prohibited. Remember! ALLAH ALMIGHTY likes HIS believers to wear perfumes and fragrances in their normal life. Yet HE has banned these for the people who are in the state of AHRAM. If the perfumes are banned or simply HARAAM (which give pleasant smell), how could be the smoking cigarette become HALAL that gives a very unpleasant smell and its smell and smoke disturbs the people around? So the people who are addicted of smoking should avoid it whilst in the state of AHRAM. In fact, if they try, they could easily get rid of this habit during the HOLY TRIP.


  • Mina is a place of Tents. There are around 100 MAKTABS in MINA. “MAKTAB” is a term used for a group of tents which may possess more or less 500 tents. All the tents are similar/identical and all the MAKTABs are similar as well. It is usually very difficult to identify your tent because of thousands of similar/identical tents. And therefore, many Hajis lose their way or their companions as well.
  • When you reach your tent in Mina, first of all memorize/note your tent number inside the MAKTAB. Then come out of your tent (preferably with one or two wise companions) and try to find/locate the washrooms and kitchen inside your MAKTAB. Remember the direction in which you are going after coming out of your tent. Once you locate the washroom and kitchen, guide your companions; especially the females.
  • Remember! Cooking or making any sort of fire is STRICTLY prohibited inside the tents in MINA. Some years back, hundreds of HAJIS were burnt when a huge fire blown out in the tents of MINA. So please never violate these instructions. You may get food/tea from the said kitchen located inside your MAKTAB.
  • While coming out of the MAKTAB, you must know the Road Number (in Arabic “Tareeq Raqam”) on which your MAKTAB is located and note/memorize it. Several bridges (in Arabic “Kubri”) are also passing across over/near the tents like Kubri Khalid, Kubri Abdul Aziz etc. If there is one near your MAKTAB, try to know the name of it and keep it in your mind.
  • If you are familiar with the maps, it is better to get a map of Mina. You can get it from your Maktab/ Muallim’s office free of cost. Try to know where the Muallim’s office is and get the map from there before Hajj.
  • Another useful tip is to make some prominent banners of your HAJJ GROUP’s name (in Pakistan), take them with you in MINA and hang them around your MAKTAB.
  • You will reach Mina on the night of 7th Zil-Hajj (it doesn’t make any issue) or on the morning of 8th zil hajj. Now before going to Arafat, you have to do nothing but offering the daily compulsory prayers. So, when you reach in Mina, try, at your convenience, to locate the way to JAMRAAT (the place where you have to do Rami on the 10th, 11th and 12th zil hajj.) It is better to visit JAMRAAT today, i.e. on 8thzil hajj, in order to have an idea of where to go and how to do RAMI.

Note: JAMRAAT is the key place in Mina. If you lose your way, the location of JAMRAAT may help you in finding your way towards your MAKTAB.

  • HAJJ has been falling in winter season during the last few years. Take some warm clothing and odorless petroleum jelly with you as well. In the state of AHRAM, if you feel cold, you may wear more than one sheets, or a warm shawl. For dryness of skin or lips, you may use odorless petroleum jelly.

·         In the washrooms of the HOLY MASJIDS and Mahsa’ir, rubber pipes are used for cleaning instead of pots (LOTA.) [You will not find any pot (LOTA) anywhere in the washrooms except your residences.] The pressure of water is very high. ALWAYS TURN ON THE TAP VERY SLOWLY AND ADJUST THE PRESSURE OF WATER OTHERWISE YOU AND YOUR DRESS MAY GET WET/IMPURE. It is also better to wash the floor of the washroom before using it. Showers are also installed. Warm water is also supplied accordingly. Great!


  • The day of HAJJ i.e. 9th of Zil-Hajj has arrived. After Fajr Salat, recite Takbir-e-Tashriq which is obligatory for every Muslim (man and woman) after every Farz Salat till the ASR Salat on the 13th of Zil-Hajj.

Now you have to reach ARAFAT where you have to stay from afternoon till sunset. At this time, remember that this is that particular day and time for which you have spent that huge capital i.e. 3 lac rupees.

·         Remember! Today is the day of acceptance of supplications! Today is the day of forgiveness! Today is the most worried day for the DEVIL (SHAITAN) for his whole effort to misguide you from the right path is surely going to spoil! Today is the day of pride and honor for you.

·         Remember! Only the HAJIs who are offering SALAT inside MASJID-e-NIMRA and that too behind the IMAM of MASJID-e-NIMRA can offer ZOHR and ASR SALATs jointly. So, if you are staying away from MASJID-e-NIMRA, offer ZOHR SALAT and ASR SALAT separately at their respective times.

  • Recite 3rd KALMA, 4th KALMA, DURUD SHARIF and ASTAGHFAR 100 times each. Then start your supplications.

·         While doing prayers at ARAFAT (or anywhere else; especially while offering daily SALAT), one must remember that…

  • I am seeing ALLAH!
  • ALLAH is observing me!
  • I am the center of attention of ALLAH!
  • ALLAH is listening to me!
  • ALLAH is smiling with happiness for my struggle and effort for performing HAJJ!
  • ALLAH is praising me in front of MALAIKAH (angels.)
  • You have to try your best to get ALLAH’s approval and acceptance regarding your HAJJ. Especially the time before sunset; it would be better to repeat these words …
    • O’ ALLAH! Please accept this effort from me/us…
    • O’ ALLAH! Please approve this effort from me/us…
    • O’ ALLAH! If you do not accept this from me/our; my/our huge capital, my/our 3 lac rupees would be spoiled… All of my/our efforts would be spoiled… I/we would earn nothing but fatigue and dust!
    • O’ ALLAH! Do not reject this effort from me/us please… please… please!

·         Leave ARAFAT after the sunset without offering MAGHRIB SALAT in ARAFAT. The ruling is that you have to offer MAGHRIB SALAT in MUZDALFA and that too when the time of ISHA SALAT starts. (Nowhere before entering MUZDALFA, and not before the time of ISHA SALAT).

·         After spending the daytime in ARAFAT, you have to go to MUZDALIFA to spend the night.  It is approximately six kilometers from ARAFAT to MINA (where your tents are), and MUZDALIFA is about half way there.  One should leave ARAFAT right after Maghrib and walk this trip. In our experience it is actually a lot faster and easier to walk rather than taking the buses (traffic jam is a very common problem) unless you have a physical difficulty for which you are unable to walk that long.


  • It is also said that walking has another advantage i.e. the experience of walking on the same route through which the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam walked.  You will see nothing on the right or the left of you but other Muslims going towards the same place you are going to.

·         When you walk from ARAFAT, do not stop as soon as you see the signboards of “MUZDALIFA BEGINS”.  Continue walking for a while and you will find that the areas ahead are far less crowded and the bathrooms are in a much better state.  People used to stop as soon as they reach MUZDALIFA and thus make/find it quite crowded.  So if you continue walking for another 10-15 minutes you would have your pick of spots and with a better bathroom situation.

  • You have to spend the whole night under the sky. It would be better to get closer to MINA in a walk-and-stay manner. (Walk some distance towards MINA, stay and take some rest and food, then start walking again).

·         If you reach MUZDALFA early, wait for the start of the time of ISHA SALAT. After that, offer MAGHRIB SALAT first, and then ISHA SALAT.

  • After offering FAJR SALAT, stay for a while to perform the WUQUF-e-MUZDALFA which is obligatory (WAJIB). It is better to leave MUZDALFA after sunrise (ISHRAQ).
  • Pick the stones for RAMI (Pick approx. 100 stones), wash them and collect them in a small empty water bottle which would be readily available around you.


  • On reaching MINA, you have to perform RAMI.
  • Saudi Hajj Authorities have made several changes in the architecture of JAMRAAT as well as in the process of RAMI. They have constructed several wide multi-storey bridges at the JAMRAAT and construct wide concrete screens at the top of the Devils. Moreover, they now give a particular time for performing RAMI to the HAJIS of a certain MAKTAB. Go for RAMI at the given time in order to assist the Hajj authorities and the HAJIS. Don’t take any luggage, bag or umbrella with you; these things are strictly prohibited to be taken there. These small acts of obedience from your side will INSHALLAH definitely result in a successful HAJJ MOVEMENT with no casualties or losses, like they were occurred almost every year during the last two decades.
  • According to some recent researches and FATAWAs, HAJIs are allowed to do RAMI in the night as well (till the SUBH SADIQ i.e. the time before FAJR AZAN).
  • Women should throw stones for themselves unless there is a physical disability. So take your female companions with you to JAMARAT. Upon reaching, guide them to stay aside near/under a visible place e.g. a sign-board. Then first do your own RAMI and after that, facilitate them in doing their RAMI.
  • According to FIQAH HANAFI, the sequence must be followed in RAMI, QURBANI and HALAQ (haircut) otherwise you have to pay DAM (penalty). Therefore, on the 10th Zil-Hajj, after coming from MUZDALFA, first perform RAMI (throw stones to Devil) at the time given by the Hajj authorities, then slaughter the animal and finally have a haircut. Don’t see what the other HAJIS are doing. Follow your own FIQAH.
  • Remember! You are in the state of AHRAM and on a HOLY JOURNEY. Because of plenty of spare time in MINA, people start discussions on unnecessary topics, start cursing people or even start sharing vulgar jokes. You must try to avoid these sorts of discussions as these are useless as well as HARAAM. Concentrate only on HAJJ matters and try to teach each other.
  • As per my experience, there is a lot of cheating in Sacrifice/Slaughter (Qurbani/Zabiha). Try to go yourself to the slaughter house and do the sacrifice (Qurbani/Zabiha) in front of you, or send a reliable person as AMEEN. Don’t trust on any unknown person or banks for Qurbani/Zabiha.
  • After the confirmation of Slaughter, have a haircut and break your AHRAM. Now you can wear your normal dress.
  • Now you have to offer Tawaf-e-Ziarah and Saee of Hajj. You must do Tawaf-e-Ziarah before the sunset of the 12th Zil-Hajj. Other obligations are the Rami of three Devils (shaitan) on the 11th and 12th Zilhajj.
  • Leave MINA before sunset on the 12th of Zil-Hajj. You may leave after that as well. But if you stay in MINA till the Subh-e-Sadiq of the 13th Zil-Hajj, the Rami of the 3 Devils on the 13th of Zil-Hajj will become obligatory, and if you will not do it, you have to pay the penalty (DAM).
  • Last obligation of Hajj is the Tawaf-e-Wida or the Farewell Tawaf. You have to do it before your departure from Makkah Mukarramah. If one departs from Makkah without offering Tawaf-e-Wida, he has to pay the penalty (DAM). But if one has offered a Nafil Tawaf after Tawaf-e-Ziarah and then he could not offer Tawaf-e-Wida, then that Nafil Tawaf will compensate the Tawaf-e-Wida. In this case, he does not have to pay any penalty.

 Congratulations on achieving a successful (and, INSHALLAH, approved) HAJJ…




  • Another most respectable ritual of the HAJJ/UMRAH trip is to go to MADINA MUNAWARRAH and pay SALAM to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam.
  • On the way to MADINA, recite Durud Sharif as much as you can.
  • When you reach MADINA MUNAWARRAH, try to offer all the prayers inside the MASJID-e-NABWI, preferably in the area closer to the ROZA MUBARAK as per your convenience.
  • To offer nawafil inside RIYAZ-UL-JANNAH, it is better to go inside the MASJID-e-NABWI 1 or 2 hours after Isha prayers. Now the MASJID-e-NABWI is opened 24 hours. Several timings are fixed for women. Women are usually sent in groups according to their nationality. The workers show the national flags in order to call the women pilgrims of that country. Teach your females to show discipline and respect being inside MASJID-e-NABWI; and especially while going towards the PROPHET’s Grave. (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam).


  • You should be extremely careful at the time of visit to ROZA MUBARAK. Your voice should not get loud in any case. See Surah HUJURAT, Verses no. 1 & 2. (I am sure you did). Don’t turn your back to the ROZA-e-MUBARAK accept offering congregation prayers.
  • On my recent trip (2010) I have noticed many people who were capturing snapshots and videos with mobile phone’s/digital cameras while on the way towards and in front of the Grave of The Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaih e Wasallam. These things are completely ridiculous and totally against the teachings of the above said verses of Surah HUJURAT. May Allah Almighty guide us all.
  • It is also reported that many HAJIs contact their relatives while standing in front of the HOLY PROPHET and say: “I am standing in front of the HOLY PROPHET, pay your Salam to The Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaih e Wasallam.” This is a very silly act and BID’At. MAY ALLAH ALMIGHTY GUIDE US ALL.
  • With high respect, say SALAM in a medium and gentle voice. Keep in mind the meanings of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaih e Wasallam which mean that whoever comes to my grave is like one who met me in my life. Keep in mind that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaih e Wasallam is listening my SALAM.
  • Don’t make any supplications there. When you have finished, go away from the ROZA-e-MUBARAK, turn towards KAABAH, raise your hands and make your supplications.
  • When you come out after saying SALAM to the HOLY PROPHET (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam), don’t drop your shoes from height as they make a loud noise. Lean down and put your shoes on the ground gently.
  • You may know that MASJID-e-QUBA is the first MASJID of Islam. And according to the meaning of a Hadith Mubarka, if one offers nafil SALAT there with pure intentions, he will get reward of an Accepted/approved (MAQBOOL) UMRAH. So take advantage of this opportunity and offer as many nawafil as you can and earn the reward of maqbool umrah. But remember one thing! When you go with the group for the ZIARAAT trip, offer 2 or 4 nafl. There is an alternate plan! After offering FAJR Prayers in Masjid-e-Nabwi, go to Masjid-e-Quba via taxi and offer ISHRAQ prayers there, then offer as many nawafil as you wish. Our beloved HOLY PROPHET (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) used to go to Masjid-e-Quba on Saturday’s.
  • Arab people, especially the natives of MADINA MUNAWARRAH, used to keep a FAST on Mondays and Thursdays as this is a Noble Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam. They break their FAST (IFTAR) in MASJID-e-NABWI and for this, they bring dates and other eatables with them in big quantities. You may find hundreds of very long plastic sheets, laid down inside the MASJID-e-NABWI, decorated with dates, ZAMZAM water and other eatables. Try to keep a FAST and attend/enjoy the IFTAR there… (anybody can).
  • There are only two things to be brought from HARAMAIN SHARIFAIN; ZAMZAM water from MAKKAH MUKARRAMAH and dates from MADINA MUNAWARRAH. So try to purchase dates from MADINA MUNAWARRAH. The wholesale market of dates is very near from MASJID-e-NABWI. Stand in front of MASJID-e-NABWI while facing KAABAH. Now see/go straight in the RIGHT DIAGONAL DIRECTION, cross the outer courts of MASJID-e-NABWI and then carefully cross the road (carefully). Now you are about to reach the dates market. Dates naming MABROOM, KHUDHRI, KALMA (QALMI), AJWA, and AMBER are very special. AMBER and AJWA are quite expensive while the others are relatively cheaper.

A Comprehensive Dua for all Sacred Places

  • O Allah! Please grant me whatever had been asked by the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam, His companions (Sahaba Kiram) and other noble MUSLIMS, at this particular place. Aameen!


  • Whenever you face any difficulty, pay some charity (Sadqa) and pray Allah to make things easier for you. It is better to give charity to the workers of the two HOLY HARAMS.
  • Usually after every FARZ SALAT, dead bodies (JANAZAHs) come in both the HOLY HARAMS and the SALAT-ul-MAYYIT (Namaz-e-Janazah) is offered. So, be prepared for that, and if required, learn the Dua of SALAT-ul-MAYYIT. Stay for a couple of minutes after every FARZ SALAT before offering sunnah or nawafil SALAT, in case there is a JANAZAH prayer to be held.
  • O Brother! Remember! Like you, every Muslim wishes to offer SALAT in HATEEM, in RIYAZ-ul-JANNAH, at the place of ASHAAB-e-SUFFAH and other such sacred places. But when a Muslim gets a place there, he unfortunately holds that place as if it is only his right to sit there and offer SALAT. You may see people who would be offering continuous prayers or reciting the HOLY QURAN in RIYAZ-ul-JANNAH while hundreds of other Muslims are dying to find a place to offer SALAH inside the RIYAZ-ul-JANNAH. You are requested not to show attitude like this (I use the term QABZA GROUP for the people showing this attitude). Offer SALAT and leave the place for another Muslim.
  • Try to reach HARAM (both) at least 30 minutes before AZAN in order to offer SALAT comfortably. And on FRIDAYs, you must reach the HARAM as late as 11.00 A.M otherwise you will hardly find any place inside HARAM.
  • Never sit in the passages and stairs of the HARAMAIN SHARIFAIN. You may see people sitting in the passages and stairs waiting for SALAT while there is an ample space left vacant inside the MASJID and thus, people who get late to reach HARAM couldn’t even find a place to enter the MASJID.
  • You may find plenty of spare time during your visit to the HOLY HARAMAIN. Spend this time in learning the religious affairs. For example, if there is any HAFIZ-e-QURAN or QARI in your group, try to learn TAJWEED in order to recite the HOLY QURAN and offer SALAT properly. This is an excellent opportunity for you.
  • There is an office of Wheel Chairs at the extreme end of the court outside Safa/Marwa near the birth place of Rasulullah Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam. From there, after submitting an ID, any Haji can get a wheel chair (if required) free of cost and use it. The color copy of the Pakistani CNIC is also acceptable.
  • Similarly, there is an office of Wheel Chairs at the gate no. 8 naming “Saud Gate” at the right side of the MASJID-e-NABWI (keeping the QIBLA direction in front of you). From there, after submitting an ID, any Haji can get a wheel chair (if required) free of cost and use it.

Caution: Never submit your passport there to get a wheel chair as your passport may get lost. You may submit the color copy of your CNIC to get a wheelchair. They accept color copy of CNIC.

  • For filling the 10-liter can of ZAMZAM water, there is a place at the extreme end of the court outside Safa/Marwa near the birth place of Rasulullah Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam. You have to walk a lot and also wait for quite a while for your turn. Therefore, it is better to go there after ISHA SALAT, in order to avoid scorching afternoons. And if you have your own wheelchair or a trolley, you may use it to carry the can(s) easily.

Caution: Never use the borrowed wheelchair for carrying your luggage or heavy cans of water as it may result in the damage of wheelchair. Remember! These wheelchairs are being provided to facilitate the handicapped HAJIS. You may purchase a folding trolley which is a very handy thing and easily available at the shops around HARAMAIN for about 30 Saudi Riyals.

  • In the crowded days you may find serious difficulties while purchasing the meals right after ZOHR or ISHA SALAT because of the presence of hundreds of customers. Therefore it would be better to buy your meals from the nearby restaurant before going for SALAT; or go to the restaurant at least 30 minutes after SALAT to get the meals easily.
  • On my recent trip (2010) I have noticed many people were capturing snapshots and videos with mobile phone’s/digital cameras, or making phone calls while performing TAWAF. These acts are simply ridiculous and totally against the teachings of the SHARIAH. May Allah Almighty guide us all.
  • HAJR-e-ASWAD (The Black Stone) is the only place allowed for kissing. Therefore, avoid kissing any other sacred place or thing e.g. Maqam-e-Ibrahim, etc.
  • It is highly advised that the female pilgrims should consult a lady doctor and ask her to prescribe some medicines for avoiding menstruation during the HOLY TRIP. Take these medicines as per your doctor’s advice.

Caution: Women should not enter any MASJID whilst in the state of impurity as it is forbidden according to SHARIAH.

  • Women must wear a black coat (abaya).
  • Men should teach women how to offer SALAT in congregation.
  • Women should offer SALAT at their residence. However, being present in the HOLY MASJID at the time of congregation SALAT, they can offer SALAT in congregation; however they should offer SALAT in the areas which are particularly marked for women. You may find women offering SALAT with their male companions.

Remember! If a woman offers congregation SALAT while standing amongst males, she would be the culprit of spoiling SALAT of 3 men; one on her right, one on her left and one behind her.

  • Women should NEVER go to the densely crowded places; especially the HAJR-e-ASWAD (Black Stone) or MULTAZAM. Allah surely knows your intentions and wishes; HE Almighty will reward you for the same, Inshallah.
  • Always be careful while crossing the roads.
  • Have you ever checked your SALAT? Have you ever tried to learn the SUNNAH way of offering SALAT or you are still offering the SALAT in the same way you had learned during your childhood?

Caution: Majority of people is found offering SALAT in a very casual manner. Even they do not know the compulsions and obligations of the SALAT. So it is highly advised to learn the SUNNAH method of offering SALAT as it has to be offered 5 times a day.

  • Daily, after MAGHRIB SALAT, Molana Makki Sahab used to give a speech in URDU language in MASJID-ul-HARAAM. Try to attend that particular speech. After ISHA SALAT, a Question/Answer session also takes place. If you wish to ask a question, write that on a piece of paper and send it to Molana Sahab. You will get the answer at your turn, inshallah.
  • If you are facing difficulties in finding a particular place inside/around the HOLY MASJIDS, ask any worker (khadim). All the workers (khuddam) can speak/understand certain languages; especially URDU.
  • Pocket-pickers are also present there. Therefore, when you are there, don’t carry all of your money (currency) in a single pocket; especially when you are going to perform TAWAF, or going to MULTAZAM or HATEEM or HAJR-e-ASWAD, or any other similar densely crowded place. Only put money that is sufficient/enough for daily use. Approximately 50 Saudi Riyals are more than enough for a day. Put rest of your money in a safe place which could be a pocket on the inner garment. However, when you are leaving from Pakistan, carry all your money either in your AHRAM’s belt or in your Hand Bag. Don’t leave it in your luggage/suitcase.
  • At the time of your departure from JEDDAH AIRPORT, don’t forget to send your flight number to your family/relatives. Tell them to confirm the flight’s exact arrival time from the Airline’s flight enquiry, before coming to the airport to receive you.

Caution: Hajj flights usually get late.

The Basic Key

The more you are prepared, the easier is the Hajj for you.

Back Home

After reaching home, first of all thank Allah Almighty for giving you this valuable opportunity. Try to stay away from the Sins and evils for the remaining life. I repeat! Performing Hajj is another thing… and taking it to the grave is another thing. May Allah protect you… Aameen.

Share your memories with your relatives and friends. Share the blessings, but avoid sharing the problems/difficulties. I know a person of my family, who had got multiple chances to visit the HOLY HARAMAINs, and every time when she came back, unfortunately, she only discussed the problems she had faced there. Don’t forget! You were the guest of Allah Almighty. And discussing only the problems means an allegation the hospitality of our beloved Allah.

In future, if you find anybody going to perform Hajj/Umrah, try to teach him/her the Manasik. This act will become a Sadqa-e-Jariya for you, Inshallah.

Wish you all the best, O the HONORABLE GUEST of ALLAH!

May HE Almighty makes this Holy Journey and all the MANASIK easier for you, and May He Almighty accept/approve this effort from you and from all the HAJIs, and May He Almighty grant and bless all of you with whatever He Almighty has promised. Aameen.

One last statement…….!!!

May be you are thinking that you are “dying” to go there…

But believe me! You are not dying to go there; in fact you are “willing” to go there!

You will surely understand the difference once you would have returned…!

(Abhi aap ko lag raha ho ga k aap Haramain Sharifain ki ziyarat k liye tarap rahay hen…

Lekin yaqeen janiye… ye tarap nahi, talab hy…. Tarap kya hoti hy, ye wahan say aanay k baad pata chalay ga).

My eyes are getting wet now.

The Hajj season makes my eyes wet every year… as I always wish… I could be there….!

{Yeh HAJJ ka mosam bhi ajeeb hy… Her saal sogwar kr deta hy…}

Fi Amanillah

Aspirant for Prayers

Abu Shaheer

P.S: If you feel this document is worthy, please give me a favor by forwarding it to the other people who are going for Hajj/Umrah.


Some small acts of generosity!
  • Say Salam to strangers
  • Help a new-comer in performing UMRAH.
  • Buy tea for someone
  • Fetch ZAMZAM water for others; especially for your roommates
  • Offer to carry someone’s groceries
  • Carry someone’s bags for them
  • Guide someone ill to the infirmary
  • Recite TALBIYAH loudly, encouraging others
  • On the days of Eid, walk through the tents reciting Takbir-e-Tashriq loudly reminding others
  • Gather stones for people
  • Offer to throw on behalf of disable Hajjis
  • Guide people to the Jamarat
  • Lower your gaze
  • Remind people of the lives of the Sahaabah
  • Give major attention to shy people in your group
  • Remind people of patience, and why they came here
  • Explain the importance of purifying ones actions for the sake of Allah
  • Make dua for forgotten friends (and the author of this list)
  • Don’t allow Muslims to fight during Hajj
  • Give charity to the workers (Khuddam) of the two HOLY MASJIDs
  • Offer a free haircut to the HAJIs if you know how to do it
  • Remind people to go home as better Muslims
  • Compliment someone sincerely
  • Take young Muslims and invite them to sit with the elders. Make them the center of attention
  • Give a tafseer class after Salah / ask someone knowledgeable
  • (For men) Offer perfume to those around you inside the HOLY MASJIDs
  • Focus hard on helping those immediately near you
  • Take people to the slaughter house and help them / Or assist them in purchasing their slaughter coupons
  • Fill your pockets with candies and give to the children that you meet
  • Always intend reward from Allah for everything you go through during Hajj

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